Weak joints

Hi, I was extremely into working out and bodybuilding about 7 years ago, then life happened. I got married and got an office job. My diet and training went out the window and I’ve been sitting around getting fat for about 6 years now. This past summer I finaly got sick of it and got back into training. I’ve been slowly gaining my strength back and am just recently getting into heavy weights.

I’ve always has smaller/weaker joints (stupid ginetics) but they seem to be giving me more trouble these days. They get sore and achey quickly, especially my left elbow. And my shoulders, both but mostly my left, seem to go slightly out of joint at times.

Can you recommend something I can add to my workouts/training to help strengthen my shoulder girdle? Also, something to add to my diet/supplements to help my joints?

I take glucosamine every day and I’m always strict with my form when I train.

I look forward to hearing back from you, and thanks for your time and help.


Check out an article that I wrote titled, “Take Some Weight Off Your Shoulders.” You can find it on the at www.muscleandfitness.com. That will show you an affective program for your shoulders and joints. Glucosamine is good, but you need to take it with MSM and Chondroitin. Also, make sure you take vitamin C and get plenty of greens in your diet. This will help to decrease inflammation. Lastly, don’t forget the age-old remedy-ICE! After your workouts, ice your shoulders, knees, or whatever joints tend to bother you. And don’t just ice when they hurt, ice them down even when they don’t. 15-20 minutes will definitely help. And if you can actually tolerate it, use some cold water when you shower after your workouts. You can alternate, one minute of hot water and one minute of cold water. Do that for 10 minutes. You will feel much better! Good luck! Keep us posted on you progress. You can email me at newchapterfitness@gmail.com