Mature guy getting back in shape

I’m a 47 year old former gym guy who has been sidelined by kidney issues. After getting greenlighted to hit the gym, I’ve been attempting to reclaim some of my lost mass in power. I’ve begun supplementing my diet, which is fairly clean, with protein to increase my weight. Do you have any suggestions for gaining muscle and overall strength without adding fat?

Limit your workout time to 60-75 minutes. This will keep your testosterone levels from declining in your workout. Hit it quick and hard. Stick to exercises that use large muscle groups and go heavy for multiple sets. The exercises for you to focus on are squats, deadlifts, pull-ups, military presses, and incline bench. If you know how to power clean, you can throw that in too! Do sets of 4-6 or 6-8 reps. 4 or 5 sets will be good. Don’t spend too much time on the bicep curls and tricep extensions right now; you can get to those after you get some of your strength back. As far as supplementation goes, I would advise you to be careful even of the protein considering the kidney issue that you had. You can get plenty of muscle building protein by eating clean, like you do. Try some different kinds of meat. Instead of regular beef, try some bison, ostrich, or even elk. Very low fat but great source of protein. Be sure to get GRASS-FED! Get some organic, free-range chicken and wild caught fish. Don’t neglect your good fats that you get from avocado and almonds. Get some good complex carbs in you and definitely stock up on the green veggies! All of this will lead to increased muscle mass, improved strength, and most importantly a good and healthy lifestyle! Good luck! Congratulations on overcoming the kidney issue! Keep pushing yourself and work hard! Keep me posted on your progress. You can email me at