Training for Football

Hello, I too am training for football and was wondering how to build more power and stregnth to my upper body. I am trying out for running back, here at MTSU. As of now, I weigh 180lbs and I stand at 5"10. I squat 505 and have very stong legs and run a 4.3 40. Unfortunately, I do not have the same results in my upper body. I bench 280, decline bench 315, and incline 225. Please tell me, what should I do?

One of the best exercises for any athlete-especially a running back- is deadlifts. Don’t spend a lot of time on decline bench presses or even on flat bench. Continue doing incline and also add in some standing barbell military presses. Additionally, make sure you do pull-ups. The pull-up is a great exercise to build strength. The deadlift is essential to your overall body strength. Lastly, on your squats, make sure you go through a full range of motion. You can squat as much weight as you want, but if you can’t go through a full range of motion and you can’t move the weight fast, it won’t translate into better athletic performance. Bar speed is an important factor in not only improving your strength but also improving you athletic performance. Move the weight with some speed! Your upper body strength will improve when you start doing the full range of motion squats and deadlifts. And don’t forget about the pull-ups!