muscle and weight gain

I am 5ft 11in.175lbs would like to get up to 190lbs 52yrs old. I work out on a Total Gym,any supplements you can think of that would suggest. Thanks for your time

Before even worrying about supplements, check your diet and make sure that you are ingesting enough protein, carbs and fat. Also, make sure that you are eating 5-6 times a day and getting plenty of rest. It is important that you have these nutritional habits in place before turning to supplementation. As far as supplements go, I recommend Glutamine and BCAA’s for recovery and protein synthesis. Another diet tip, make sure you are eating plenty of greens-that will aid in improving your overall health as well as digestion of protein. You may be limited on a Total Gym, but try to get in some squats and deadlifts. Go get an Olympic bar and some weights and GO HARD!