Problematic hamstrings.

I have found that both times that I have pulled a hamstring, different hamstrings at different times, it is while I was training hard using a hamstring specific exercise. The first time I was doing alot leg curls and the second I had just started doing straight leg deadlifts. Now I mostly do squats and jump training. Any other suggestions for building the hamstrings or not getting injured.

One of the most important things for you to remember about the hamstrings is that they are responsible for deceleration in most of your athletic movements. Therefore, it is important that they are not only strong, but flexible. Try using the foam roller to break up any collagen adhesions that may be impairing your hamstring’s flexibility. Additionally, try some unilateral exercises like single leg squats, single leg romanian deadlifts, and step ups. You may have some undertrained musculature that is being compensated for when you are doing your bi-lateral leg curls, deadlifts and squats.