Losing fat vs gaining muscle

Lisa, I work out 5-6 days a week doing a variety of cardio and weight training. I am currently trying to get leaner and the mirror shows I am but the scale keeps going up. I am 5'4" 132lbs. I normally try to get 150-200 grams of protein per day but notice that I am losing muscle even though the scale is going up. Any suggestions?

My question back to you is how do you know you are losing muscle? As you lean out, you can flatten-out, which can vary from day to day. If losing fat is what you want to do, get used to that fact that you will look smaller, but as you really lean out, although you will have a smaller frame, you will look bigger as all of the definition starts to show. I would take closer look at your diet and make sure that is spot-on to keep your muscles full as you lean out.