At my ideal weight..need to tone up

I’m 5'0" 25 years old and weight 108lbs..i have a one year old baby girl and gained 40lbs with my pregnancy and then lost 46lbs so now i’m at my ideal weight but do not have definition. How many days a week should i weight train and how should I split up the workouts? I’m currently doing cardio 6 days a week 20-30min a day. Should i do total body? or split routine? How many set/reps?


Congratulations on your baby! Just because you are at an ideal weight doesn’t mean your body fat is low. (skinny fat!) Sound like you need to gain muscle plus lose body fat, so focus on a routine is quick moving and time efficient as I know your time is limited.

Great example is: Day 1-Chest, glutes, triceps+Cardio Day 2-cardio/core Day3-Back, quads, biceps+Cardio Day 4-cardio/core Day 5-Shoulders/ hamstrings+Cardio Day 6-yoga for core strength—a must for post natal training

Keep moving from body part to body part—for ex. here us a sample from you Back, Quad, Bicep Day. Repeat this circuit 3-4 times, then create another 3-part circuit to hit all three targets and repeat that 3-4 times. I would try to design 3 circuits. 12-15 pat pull downs 12-15 Squats 12-15 EZ Bar cable curls

If you are really in a time crunch, integrate 60 seconds of cardio at the tail-end of each circuit and repeat.