Shaping Body with Weights

Hi Lisa, I am attempting to get lean, especially in my lower body. I make up my own workout program, which consist of cardio at least three days a week and weight training specific body parts twice a week. For example, Monday & Wednesday I focus on upper (back and chest). Tuesday & Thursday I do cardio at lunch w/ focus on glutes; in the afternoon its biceps, triceps. Because my legs are really fat I rely most on running at an incline or an elliptical machine to break them down but I do perform lunges, squats and use the leg press machine (180lbs) with 3 sets of 20. My body is transforming because I eat clean, drink plenty of water and consume about 216 grams of protein for my 209 lb frame. My goal is to lose body fat and define my muscles. My body type is such that I tend to gain easily so I have had to cut out white sugar and flour, eat lean meats as well fresh fruits and vegetables but I have 20 lbs left to lose. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks! Charmaine

Sounds like you are doing great! keep going, but I would suggest changing your training up to create some muscle confusion so your body continues to improve and adding more lifting days if time permits.

For ex— Mon back/bi Tuesday quads/abs Wed chest/tri Thursday cardio abs Friday Shoulders/ Glutes

You can also do cardio 5/ days a week if you have time.