foods for fat loss

I think I have a good workout program but I need help with my diet, can you help me put together a diet program my problem is my job I am always on the road, if I can’t bring anything with me is there someplace I can go that will be good for me, please let me know. Thank You. Sincerly Dan Kennedy

I am wondering why you can’t pack or but healthy food? Most restaurants offer salads and grilled chicken or fish. You need to learn how to read menus and order:

Foods baked, grilled or steamed Request sauces and dressings on the side Omit empty calories— white carbs and sugars Eat half of your order and pack up the rest for later drink lots of water Keep healthy snacks with you—– raw nuts (1oz or less), fresh fruit, brown rice cakes, low carb protein powder and shaker bottle.

Hope this helps