muscle and firming

Hi, I have been working out for 13 years.with weights and i run. my biggest problem is my hips, butt and i have saddlebags. i am consistent 5 days a week i do lift heavy weights sometimes light. for years i cannot firm up these areas it is very frustrating it feels like loose flabby skin and i workout so hard. i am not overweight i do have muscle underneath. i do cheat on fri sat. i am about 130 pds about 5'6. and im forty. any advice on this. thank you.

yes, have you had kids or an extreme weight gain or loss in your life? It can sometimes be the case of stretched skin.

I would try to omit cheating all day friday and saturday—– 28% of your week, you are not eating right. I wold have 1 cheat MEAL a week for 12 weeks and see if you see a difference.