Firming the buttocks

My fiance and I work out regulary with a mix of cardio and weight training. She is very tone and ripped from her abs up and her knees down. We eat a very clean diet. However, she is unhappy with her buttocks and frequently asks me what exercises she can do to tone her buttocks. I have suggested exercises using an exercise ball, and other routines I have read about in M & F. She has even completed P90X but still does not have the firming results she desires. Any suggestions for me to give her?

This is my most popular question for women…. I just answered a similar question!… The glutes and hamstrings must be trained together to list that booty!

We all have areas where we hold fat and water and an order of operations on where our body will morph first and last. My question to you is how is your diet and are you devoting 2 days a week to an intense hamstring/glute lifting routine? Reverse lunges, step ups, hamstring curls, deadllifts, glute kick backs, walking lunges… These are your must-do exercises! The step mill is my best friend… get on it as much as possible!