detox diet?

Hello. The last few weeks my diet has been awful. I am about to clean up my diet. I am just planning on eating “healthy,” nothing too extreme (primary foods will be: lean protein such as chicken and fish, veggies, some fruit, oats in morning, sweet potatos or brown rice in afternoons, no carbs in evenings, etc.). I was wondering if you support a “cleanse” or “fast” to sort of detox to jumpstart the diet? I have received mixed advice on this issue from the employees at my gym. If so, what type of detox should I do and for how long? Thanks in advance.

Hello over there! OK, so you will get varying answers to this question and mine would be no! I am not a big believer detox/ cleanses or fasts. My advice is to start TODAY with the initial plan that you explained… lean proteins, vegetables, fibrous fruits, slow-burining carbs that diminish as the day goes on. I believe by starting a clean eating program, you will ultimately “cleanse” your appetite and cravings for empty calories. Drink plenty of water and plan and prep your foods so they are available to grab and go. Good luck ; )