Body Fat Percentage

I am 5'3 and have recently lost 30 pounds. I now weigh 99 pounds but according to my scale I’m at 16% body fat. How accurate are these scale readings and what percentage do you think I should be? I’ve increased my protein intake and do both cardio and some weight lifting to build muscle but haven’t noticed that much of a difference as far as muscle definition. Do you think I should try a fat burner? Would this help decrease my body fat percentage and give me better muscle definition? If so, which ones do you recommend? Thanks so much!!!

I am loyal to SCI-FIT nutrition products, so Themo-Lyn is may fat burner of choice. I take burners only for emergencies, last minute projects to shoot for, shows, etc, 12 weeks at a time. I do not trust those body fat percentage scales. The gold-standard test is done is water tank, but for most, the traditional caliper testing should suffice. How is your diet, how ofter are you lifting? The lean, muscular look is not only dependent on a low body fat percentage, but also muscular development that is underneath the fat. Something to think about…

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