weight loss help

i have always been fit but fat….went from 237 to 180, at 5'6" and ran my first 5k in December 2010 at 30:24 and a second one this may at 30:10.

I have Insulin resistance and Poly cystic ovary symdrome and have gotten both under control through weight loss and exercise.

I just joined a gym after hitting a wall and getting stuck at 180lb.

I need to lose about 30lb more and am so confused.

I work out 6 days a week with 45 min spin classes 3x a week and treadmill at 5.0 and bursts of 7mph every 3rd minute for 30 minutes then hit the weight room 3x a week. I add in tons of extras at home too like lawn mowing and gardening and free weights and yard work.

Scale is not moving, measurements have stayed the same for over 2 months.

I set my calories at 1600 and am now trying to net at least 1200 after all the exercise.

How much protein does a woman like me need? what about fat and carbs in relation to wanting to lose weight with my IR and PCOS?

What else can I do or am I destined to hold these extra 30+ lbs?

is there a specific ratio of fat/carbs/protein that brings about results? Is there more I could be doing in the weight room? I currently do chest at 50 lb and bicepts at 30 and tricepts at 35 and leg curls and extensions at least 50lb.

I have a heart rate monitor and always work within the 80-85% ratio and then bursts of 90-93% for high intensity changes.

I am so stuck!!!

I am sorry to hear about your health but unfortunately both conditions effect weight gain and until they are indoor control with medical treatment, you will have trouble losing weight. I would suggest medical advice at this point, but continue to stay focused on exercise and clean eating. Congratulations on your 5k and your weight loss! For weight loss, I would recommend to keep your food as balanced as possible to avoid further insulin problems—kinda like a 40% carb, 30% protein, 30% fat, kinda like the Zone diet, but all meal need to follow this ratio to keep insulin at bay. Only low-glyemic carbs—that means no white stuff or processed breads, pastas, etc. Yams, quinoa, oats, brown rice, etc.