5 lbs to go

I am 5'8", 131 lbs. I run everyday at least 4 miles. Ive been running for about a year and a half. Recently, I have started interval training and dont see much of a change at all. Id like to shed at least 5 lbs. For breakfast, I eat 1 whole egg with 2 whites, lunch, sm chix breast and i cup green veggies, afternoon, 2.5 oz tuna fish with 1 cup green veggies, dinner, 2 whites sm chix breast 1 cup veggies. I think my eating habits are good, but i cant seem to shed anymore weight. What am i doing wrong?

Great job on sticking with your running and nutrition program, which is quite a feat. If I were you I would add some sort of resistance training work to your week, whether it is basic weight training or something like TRX. Regular cardio work is great for nixing calories and strenghtening your heart, but truly adding muscle to your frame and melting fat is what resistance training is known for. Remember, muscle weighs far more than fat, so I would measure your accmoplshments by size and composition… in other words measure yourself and get your body fat tested. Hope this helps, Lisa