At a Plateau?

I have been working so hard and i want it to show!!! I am on week 11 of a p90x/insanity hybrid workout schedule. 2 weeks left. 3 days is weight training and 3 days cardio. i have definitely seen muscle gain mostly in my arms and quads but the fat has just not come off. i eat very clean, track what i eat with myfitnesspal and eat 5 small meals a day, eggs, veggies, grilled chicken, fish, fruit, and optimum nutrition whey shake, i just increased to 2 shakes a day to ensure im getting enough calories. im currently 5'4 125 lbs, i believe about 19% body fat which is what the scale says however i know isnt super accurate. id be happy to lose 5 lbs, the fat around my waist, love handles is what i want gone, i know you cant spot reduce but I consistantly stay at the 125. what am I doing wrong or what can I improve? i am trying to reduce carbs and sugar as those are the only things i can think of that are keeping the fat on. the sugar comes from fruit or i eat a protein bar, but i do not drink soda, eat cookies or any processed sugar. my tracker says im usually around 50-70g of sugar and usually about 150g of carbs a day of course varying slightly. and according my beachbody coach i should be at 1900 calories which is what i have been at. any help? thanks so much!

One thing I can say from experience is that some bodies take longer to respond thanothers when a new workout and diet are thrown-in. Honestly, 11-12 weeks is when you start to really see changes and it sounds like you are. I would check the label of your protein bar because they are known to have empty calories. I would replace it with a cleaner protein source. Another thing to be aware of is the intesity in which your are working. Often at times with home videos, you do not work to your highest capacity. The energy of others training with you, whether they are other gym-goers or a trainer, simply cannot be reproduced on a TV in your living room… Something to think about!