Night Shift Nutrition

I wanted to know if you can answer a nutrition question.

It is regarding the fact that I work night shift and am awake when I should be asleep and asleep when I should be awake.

So I would like to inquire about the right foods to be consuming etc on this type of schedule.

Very interesting question! I would suggest that you eat according to your schedule, not ours!

Just as you are awake while most of us are asleep, you need to eat when your body needs it’s calories most… While you are awake! Make sense?

I always support meals that are spaced 3 hours apart with a decrease in carbs as bed time gets closer to stay lean. Keep your food choices full of nutritiously-dense choices and avoid fast-food during the wee-hours of the night. Those 24-hour fast food drive-ins are waiting for people like you!