Lift more weights / cut more calories / do more cardio??

I’ve been working out for several years now; I used to still fluctuate about 20 lbs up and down the scale depending on my eating habits. But I finally decided to get in the best shape of my life, set a goal of becoming a personal trainer (to keep me on track) and to keep it off and stay fit. I started in January. I have always had much better success from the abs up to get trim and cut. Arms and abs are looking good. My trouble area is my legs and butt. I feel like I’ve read everything there is to read on losing weight, what to eat, etc…etc…. I’m working the legs 2x per week, squats, lunges, with weights, etc…a variety of exercises. And it’s slow going to burn off that extra fat throughout the legs. I am 5'5" and around 150. I know I’m adding muscle mass so I’m not hung up on the scale since I fit in clothes anywhere from a size 6-10 depending on what I’m wearing. But I can’t get them to look firm and get rid of the maybe last 10 lbs of fat I know I’ve still got. My question, which do you think I should increase? If I’m already doing what I’m supposed to be doing, I obviously need to tweak something to see improved results, but which one do you think is best to tweak first? Or is it going to matter individually and I just need to try one and see if it’s effective? Should I add a 3rd day of leg workouts? Cut even more calories? Or just do more fat burning cardio? Or maybe even a combination of all 3?? Is that 3rd day of legs okay?

Firstly I would really take a closer look into your leg workout… are you constantly working at a fast pace? I would consider super-sets between quads and hams/gluts, bouncing back and fort, 2 days a week, with little to no rest to keep your caloric output high. How often are you doing cardio and what type? You are a trainer and you have knowledge… You know to get lean and lose fat you need to work HARD! Have you tried plyometric training on one of your leg days? I think that may shock your legs.