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I want real definition in my body

I am 43 years old, I am 5.0 tall and weigh about 117 pounds. I am not over weight, but my stomach feels fat and I don’t feel trim. I wont to be more then just toned, I want definition. I don’t know where to start or how to go about getting the goal that I wont. I guees I can figure out how to eat. I know how to workout and do free weights and machines and cardio, I guess I am not sure what supplements to take. Do I take a diet pills or not.


Hey Cheryl If you know how how to workout, then you are halfway there! The other half is DIET, DIET, DIET!!! Focus on clean foods that are full of valuable nutrients that you need. Remove empty calories like sugar and white carbs. You do not need me to give you a starting point— that is up to you! Just go and stop thinking about the what-ifs. Start sweating and focusing on being healthy and fit.

Supplement are great and very well needed is you are working hard. I am not a fan of abusing stimulants as I find that they can backfire. If you want to try a fat burner, do not take it for more than 12 weeks at a time and start with a small dose to test your tolerance. If you want to give one a try, I recommend SCI-FIT’s Thermolyn. Remember, their is not magic pill or shortcut to attaining amazing physical fitness. Hard work and discipline are always the formula for success.