Don't want to lose gains! Help!

I am going on vacation for two weeks and have no worries on the nutrution or cardio end but am afraid of losing muscle gains after 20 weeks of hard work. We will be semi-stuck with no fitness facility that has weights or machines. I am also limited to a carry on. What would be a great series of exercises I can do with just my body that will keep me from any loss? I seriously, almost shortened my vacation just so that I would not miss my weight work outs. No, not an unhealthy obsession, just a whole lot of work that I don’t want lost. I am just looking to organize all the options into a routine that will tide me over. Will lunges, squats, be enough without weights involved? I am a learning newbie in many ways and still feel most comfortable with a “plan”.

Thank you.

I appreciate your drive, but you will not lose too much muscle in a two-week period! I would suggest bringing a band with you so you can target all muscle groups. Push ups are great as well as plyometric training for the legs… no equipment needed!