Loosing Muscle Mass?!?

Hi – I started working out again in February after years away from the gym. I started out with some cardio and weight lifting and after about 4 weeks I increased my workout to:

Cardio (30-40mins) 3 days a week. (later on to 5 days a week) Monday, Wednesday and Friday I’ll do a full body workout + 15-20 min HIIT. (I don’t wanna go in to too many details as it’ll be too long).

A typical meal plan for the day would be: breakfast: 3 scrambled eggs + a bowl of oatmeal, large cup of water + green tea extract

snack: 2-3 carrots

(OFF days -tuesday/thursday- 2 slices of bread with tuna, chicken or salamon + salad) pre-workout: 1 scoup whey protein + 2 scoups superpump250

post-workout: 2 scoups whey protein + large banana

dinner: chicken w/ vegetables or fish. green tea extract

late snack: 1 scoup casein protein or cottage cheese.

(I also use creatine, glutamine, fishoil and multivitamins)

By my calculations i am getting all the proteins i need. Here are my results.. and below you can see, that they are going the wrong direction. So I just wanna know, if I’m doing too much cardio (not enough rest) or if I need more nutrition.

11/5-11: age:28 183cm 79,7kg BMI: 23,8 FAT% 16,2 FAT MASS: 12,9kg FFM: 66,8kg TBW: 48,9kg

18/5-11: age:28 183cm 79,9kg BMI: 23,9 FAT% 16,6& FAT MASS: 13,3kg FFM: 66,6kg TBW: 48,8kg

(HERE I start to add more cardio – from 3 days a week to 5!)

15/6-11 age:29 183cm 78,6kg BMI: 23,5 FAT%: 16,4 FAT MASS: 12,9kg FFM: 65,7kg TBW: 48,1kg

23/6-11: age:29 183cm 78,8kg FAT%: 17,5 FAT MASS: 13,8 FFM: 65,0kg TBW: 47,6kg

(Not alarming results, but wanna reverse the course I’m taking)

As you can see, my MuscleMass lessens as my FAT% gets 1 % higher in just one week, and I’m just hoping this wont be a trend, and I have no clue what I am doing wrong – I’m DEFIANTLY working my ass off – and I would so much appreciate it if you could take your time to answer me on this one (even if it’s long – but I felt I had to go into details in order to get a good enough answer)

My goal is to maintain and grow on muscle mass and get my fat% down to at least 12% and try to keep it there.


Before I answer—Where are you getting this data from? How are you measuring your results? It would be a huge timesaver if you can send me your data in pounds and inches. Thanks!