Rest Day

So I have been weight training six days a week adding in cardio like 3 or so days a week and was wondering if its better to workout the six days in a row then take a day off or work out like 3 at a time with my day off in between?

That basically equates to the same amount of training and rest! For ex if you work out M-Sat and rest Sunday or if you train MTW, rest Thursday, then train FSS!! With the rest Thursday, you still will end up training 6 days in a row!! Bet you never looked at it that way, The idea of rest is for recovery so your body can repair itself and change, and prevent over-training. The best advice I can give it to be aware of your body. Position your rest day where you need it most. If your leg day is the hardest for you, then your rest day should follow that day of training. I try not to get so hooked on textbooks and listen to my body, understand how it feels and make changes from there, Your body knows best!