Loosing Muscle Mass?!? pt 2 with answer

Thanks for your reply. And to answer your question, I am getting that data from the TANITA BODY COMPOSITION ANALYZER TBF-300

Below is my question again, with Pounds and inches instead of cm and kg. I hope you can answer me this time – in short, I simply don’t understand how it is possible for me to loose muscle mass (gain fat%) according to my diet and work out… here we go again:

Hi – I started working out again in February after years away from the gym. I started out with some cardio and weight lifting and after about 4 weeks I increased my workout to:

Cardio (30-40mins) 3 days a week. (later on to 5 days a week) Monday, Wednesday and Friday I’ll do a full body workout + 15-20 min HIIT. (I don’t wanna go in to too many details as it’ll be too long).

A typical meal plan for the day would be: breakfast: 3 scrambled eggs + a bowl of oatmeal, large cup of water + green tea extract

snack: 2-3 carrots

(OFF days -tuesday/thursday- 2 slices of bread with tuna, chicken or salamon + salad) pre-workout: 1 scoup whey protein + 2 scoups superpump250

post-workout: 2 scoups whey protein + large banana

dinner: chicken w/ vegetables or fish. green tea extract

late snack: 1 scoup casein protein or cottage cheese.

(I also use creatine, glutamine, fishoil and multivitamins)

By my calculations i am getting all the proteins i need. Here are my results.. and below you can see, that they are going the wrong direction. So I just wanna know, if I’m doing too much cardio (not enough rest) or if I need more nutrition.

11/5-11: age:28 – 72inches – 175.3Pounds – BMI: 23,8 – FAT% 16,2 – FAT MASS: 28.4Pounds FFM: 147Pounds TBW: 107.6Pounds

18/5-11: age:28 – 72inches – 175.8Pounds – BMI: 23,9 – FAT% 16,6 – FAT MASS: 29.3Pounds – FFM: 146.5Pounds – TBW: 107.4Pounds

(HERE I start to add more cardio – from 3 days a week to 5!)

15/6-11 age:29 – 72inches – 172.9Pounds – BMI: 23,5 – FAT%: 16,4 – FAT MASS: 28.4Pounds – FFM: 148.5Pounds – TBW: 105.8Pounds

23/6-11: age:29 72inches – 173.4Pounds – FAT%: 17,5 – FAT MASS: 30.4Pounds – FFM: 143Pounds – TBW: 104.7Pounds

(Not alarming results, but wanna reverse the course I’m taking)

As you can see, my MuscleMass lessens as my FAT% gets 1 % higher in just one week, and I’m just hoping this wont be a trend, and I have no clue what I am doing wrong – I’m DEFIANTLY working my ass off – and I would so much appreciate it if you could take your time to answer me on this one (even if it’s long – but I felt I had to go into details in order to get a good enough answer)

My goal is to maintain and grow on muscle mass and get my fat% down to at least 12% and try to keep it there.


Ok—A few things: Firstly I am not fan of those digital scales to measure fat. I have seem them fluctuate with water intake, salt as well as a women’s cycles, so a 1% difference on that scale is not a reason to go crazy. A reason to be crazy — why are you eating more calories on the days that you are not training? I did not add up your calories to an exact number because you did not give me exact measurements and calories can shift greatly between the protein you mentioned— for ex. chicken vs-salmon. How much oatmeal are in your bowl?-Stuff like that. I am guess-imating that on training days you are eating anywhere from 1200-1500 cals and on non-training days you are eating 1500-1800. I would shift your calories to the opposite—eating the extra meal on your training days so your body keep its metabolism high. I personally think your cals are too low—are you male or female? I would also look at your training and make sure you are doing muscle-building exercises on your weight training days—with clear goals on specific muscle groups. You mentioned you have a system that incorporates a HIIT and full-body in one-workout. I would make sure you have specific days that build muscle because after all, the is the key to both lowering body fat and revving up your ability to burn though fat. Sounds like you are doing a lot of high intensity work that burns calories but not necessarily building muscle and burning fat— two entirely different things! Make sense? If you do this correctly, depending on how over-weight you are, which doesn’t look that way by looking at your BMI,(you are 6' tall?) you could actually could end up keeping your weight very close to where you began, or even gain, because muscle weighs more than fat.