Weight - no change in looks

I am 27 137lbs 5 5.
I have never had a hard time losing weight as of now. Always toned easy. Can you give me a step by step easy routine and meal plan that i can keep up with? With keeping in mind i am a full time student, work full time and single Mom. (not a lot of time)

I have been waking up at 5 for workouts 45 min.

Heres your food list: Lean proteins— chicken, turkey, bison fish whey protein eggs low fat cottage cheese unsweetened low fat greek yogurt yams oats brown rice ezekiel bread green leafy vegetables berries olive oil raw nuts/ seeds almond butter peanut butter'avocado flax seed oil

Combine foods from this list, protein, carb plus a fat and eat every three hours. Lessen carb intake as the day goes on and up fats in place of those calories and you should see improvements.