I would like to compete in bikini someday...

I am currently 5'0, my bodyfat is at 16%. I would eventually like to compete in bikini figure..I currently weigh 115 and would like to lose another 10 lbs My goal is to be 105lbs. lean muscle. My problem is I feel I’m building muscle, which I am excited about when I see I’m toning or definition, yet I’ve those 10lbs to lose. I currently workout 2xs a day. In the mornings I do 5 min of cardio, usually running or stairmaster..etc and then do about an hour of weights. My evening workouts are crossfit. My daily eating habits usually consist of… 5:30 AM ½ cup organic oatmeal (nothing added) 9:00 2 boiled eggwhites 11-12 A fruit, sometimes a teaspoon of Organic peanut butter 1:00 PM 5 oz. of LEAN meat..chicken or salmon grilled 3-4:00 PM ½ cup of plain brown rice…

7:00 PM Myofusion protein shake.

That’s it. Do I need more veggies? Am I intaking to much protein? I obviously don’t want to bulk up. How about carbs? Am I intaking to much? Any advice would be welcome!!

I would move your card to the AM in an empty stomach… slow burn climbing for 30-45m to start. I wool dolt in the evening and focus on building muscle. Major changes in diet to put in place:

meal 1 post cardio 1/3 cup oats, 6 whites one egg meal 2 scoop whey ¼ cup nuts meal 3 4-6 oz lean protein, cup green veggies, 3-4 oz yam or brown rice meal 4 same as meal 2 meal 5 post workout, same idea as meal 3 meal 6 1 scoop whey plus 1 tbsp almond or peanut butter

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