Barbell Squats

Dear Lisa,

I have a small frame, standing 5'0" and about 112 lbs. I have tried back squats with both a regular 45lbs barbell and a shorter 35lbs barbell. The smaller barbell seems to fit my frame and body size better, but is it better to use the smaller barbell or should I be doing squats with the longer 45lbs barbell?


Squats can be done with various tools… dumbbells, barbells, medicine balls, fixed bar, etc… The length of the bar does not mater, what matters is your form and which method is most comfortable for you. I always start clients on the Smith fixed bar because they seem to be able to maintain better form having the bar fixed on the track, which allows them to move up in eight pretty quickly. My best advice is pick the one that is most comfortable for you that will allow you to work your hardest.