Hi, After years of battling my weight, following diets set by registered Dieticians to the letter, walking running, swimming, cycling and lifting more iron than was used to make a battleship, I was finally diagnosed with Hypoglycemia. My body overdoses me with Insulin whenever I have the smallest amount of sugar. Even the plainest of cerials or an orange send my insulin levels off the chart. The result is the same as if a diabetic overdoses, fatigue, sugar shakes, dizzyness, weight gain. So whenever I was feeling smashed after a hard session I was actually having an insulin overdose, and storing fat rather than burning it off.

My question is this, everybody is bringing out “Great” diet plans, for bodybuilding/weightloss, but they are all “loaded” (from a hypoglycemic perspective) with sugar. Can you please help with a balanced plan for weight training to loose weight and tone the body, that is completely sugar free.



Hi Tracy— I am not aware of any good diet that is loaded with sugar!! ;))

Your diet should consist of the following which would support blodd sugar stabilization.

low gly carbs- yams, oats, quiona— small servings always with a protein. Clean proteins- fishm chicken, lean steak, turkey, eggs Green vegetables Healthy fats