Exercise know how


I’m starting on my programme for lean muscle – advanced. I’m not sure of how to perform certain exercise, I can’t form a pic on mind. Barbell squat with ball Barbell sumo squat with ball Full range lateral raise both arms. If you explain in words, it would be helpful.

I don’t have bands as required by my programme. What is the best alternate?


It would help if I knew what type of ball it was. If it was a large stability ball, I would assume both squats are to occur against a wall, with the ball placed behind your core. You would lower and lift as the ball rolls up and down against you and the wall, with the barbell behind your head, on your shoulders. A regular squat should have heels under or slightly wider than the hips, Sumo style is a wider stance with toes turned outward.

Full range lateral raise with both arms requires a dumbbell in each hand, arms long and long, lift and raise higher than the top of your shoulder-poition and return back to your starting position. Both arms lift and lower at the same time.

Dum bells can be swapped out for bands on most exercises.