Supplementation & Intollerances

I need to seriously increase my intake of protein and beef up my intake of complex carbs without compromising my attempts to become ripped and well defined around the torso. Unfortunately I am exausted most of the time as it is necessary to reduce calory intake in order to burn fat.

I am at present doing a lot of cardio to help bring down that last bit of fat. I would like to know to what extent I have to train (and supplement) to not only quickly shift the stubborn fat, but to if possible kill/absorb the adipose fat cells, so that when I start to eat more, I avoid the inevitably new fat deposits that happen after changes in diet and activity.

I understand that the adipose cells can be removed, may enevitably return, but that the abscence of such cells means that fat itself will in the short term contribute to the building of muscles more effectively if the body has nowhere to put it (at least until new adipose cells are created!) I understand that the body can in the right circumstances convert almost any food including any carbohydrate or protein into fats if it has too, which would then be stored in Adipose cells.

My efforts are complicated by my financial circumstances – I am unemployed and don’t have a huge amount of money so I’m not able to afford many good quality supplements like many mixes and protein bars which are prohibitively expensive for the quantity of protein they contain. I’m therefor looking for a few relatively cheap but effective snacks to eat particularly outside the house that are protein/complex carb rich.

I have to avoid foods made from Eggs, Milk, Yeast since I have food intollerances to these items, a subject that no one seems to deal with publically particularly the less common ones. I understand this means that I cannot consume many popular forms of Protein regularly as they are technically derived from Milk and/or eggs including Whey and Casein Proteins. This then limits me to Soya and Hemp protein supplements, or food containing proteins (and to an extent fat) such as chicken and fish.

I think the types of snack I would benefit from the most are those I could make simply myself for example Flapjack. If I could find recipes that provided a high protein/complex carb version of the recipes but removed much of the unhealthy and unsuitable ingrediants such as the Sugar and Syrup content.

For information – I am at present dealing with a problem back from a 6-7 year old sciatica issue and an impinged shoulder issue. These issues force me to train differently, and I am mostly limited to Cable machines and dumbells (for safety and isolation) and of course cardio. Any pointers that would help take these issues out of the equation and make me more efficient at training might also help with the overall picture!

Thanks in advance for any advice

Whooh—that’s a long one!! lol

Ok—heres the deal, shakes and bars are not necessarily going to make you lean. Most of them are loaded with sugar, chocolate and empty calories. I am allergic to dairy, so no whey or bars for me. I stick with SCI-FIT egg protein on the go mixed with water when I simply do not have time to eat between clients, but that does not seem like that is an issue for you.

I would suggest to eat REAL food… I believe in whole food and small meals throughout the day. You can certainly grilled chicken breasts and have fresh vegetables all day long on a simply budget. When we prep for shows, out diet consists of… oats, chicken, eggs, white fish, raw almonds, green vegetables, yams… PERIOD! You can eat all of that, minus the eggs of course! Look for a quinoa or brown rice protein powder that is both low sugar and carb if you are looking for additional protein sources.

Calories in vs calories out is how you need to look at leaning out. Cables and dumbbell work is very effective for muscle building. Focus in what you can eat and do, rather than what you can’t. We all have limitations, but you can’t let them stop you from reaching your goals!