want to build muscle

Hi Lisa, I am attempting to make up my own workout program, and I am trying to mix it up so I am always doing different exercises, but I am not sure how often or for what exercises I should be supersetting, doing dropsets, and changing my number of reps and sets. My goal is to put on muscle. Also, I tend to lose weight quickly with cardio and decreasing my carbs. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks! Michelle

Sounds like a similar body type to mine. I build muscle when I slow my workouts down, one muscle group per day, slow burn cardio ONLY! No running or HIIT training at all!

My lifting schedule to increase size: Monday — Quads Tuesday Shoulder Wed Cardio Thursday Hams/ Glutes Friday—Back Sat—Shoulders Sun-Off

I hit shoulders twice because I need that area to grow. On shoulder days, I eat more to feed them. My arms are pretty developed on comparison to by delts, so I rely on my shoulder and back day to hit tris and bis. You need to figure out what muscles need more size/ development and tailor your lifting schedule to cater to those needs. Make sense?