Weight loss question

Hello Lisa, I hope all are well. I first would like to thank you before going any further because you responded to a previous quesiton. So, I wanted to go into depth with my question. I am 5'0 and I weigh 140 pounds Im in pretty good shape all but my waist is about 31-32 inches. But, the rest looks pretty decent. I have reached my goal pretty much with the rest of my body all but my waist. I would like the bodybuilder physique which Im pretty close to currenlty after a 70 pound fat lost but would like to know which diet do I need to go on either to lean more or build muscle? Im confused which way to go for my desired physique and hopefully you can help me determne that. My body fat is around 23% right now…. Thank you, Angel

Hi Angel, glad I can help. Ok, now that I know your body fat is 23%, that is your target. Get it lower! Dropping your fat down will most definitely lean out your abs and to have a bodybuilding physique, you must be tight and lean. Summer is near and I wool suggest you start cutting- down and take a look at the muscle development that is underneath the fat you will lose. You can then devise a plan and a building phase for the fall and add calories back into have the energy and calories to support muscle growth.

I would suggest a 3 carb rotation… 1 high carb day, followed by 2 low carb days and repeat. Increase your cardio, add supersets while you lift, and you should lose body fat!