2 hours 2 long

Hey Mike just started my peronal gym worouts im on month 1, week 2, day 2 and my workout lasted 2 hours today ,is that too long? and how can i cut it down? Also what should be my days off right now im doing mon-fri. sat. sun. off does that sound good? I also bought a punching bag when do you recommend throwing that in the mix? I think these workouts are awesome, THANX

Well thank you for the feedback. Well, the workouts can take longer depending on your rest periods. i wrote all the programs with the intent of no longer than 30-45 seconds rest in between each and every set. If its too intense for the short rest periods take the weight down. What you will find is just by doing that your workouts will actually be more challenging. Stay in touch and give me feedback. I am so glad you like the workouts.