50 minute workout

Mike, I have subscribed to muscle and fitness magazine for 2 years now and have been getting your workout emails for about the same time. Here is my problem, I am a teacher/coach at the high school level. I workout during my conference hour during school which is 50 minutes. I can not workout after school as I am also a coach. Early mornings and late night s leave only that time to workout. What is the best workout that I can do to maximize strength and muscle endurance in the 50 minutes? My current schedule is Monday legs/ back, Tuesday, chest, Thursday shoulders and arms. Abs are worked Monday and Thursday. I minimize rest time down to 30-40 seconds and superset biceps and triceps. Thank you for taking the time on my question. Keep up the good work.

Aaron Amthor

I understand. I used to coach as well and my dream is to get back and continue. Love working with the kids. ok. so it really comes down to how intense you make the workout. i suggest following the workouts listed on the site under the custom workout programs. Now if you want something to start out with i recommend this workout. http://www.workouttrainer.com/home/articles/get-shredded-for-summer-complete-program