I have been doing alot of cardio interval training for the last 2 months but have been light on the weight training. I am going to be starting a weight training program next week and my goal is to add 40 pounds of muscle and then maintain. My problem is, what are all the supplements I should be taking?

Well Protein is a must both BEFORE and AFTER. It also comes down to the program. I would suggest you follow one of the monthly plans on the site that you can find here.

I would also take a BCAA stack, and for optimal muscle growth perhaps take a Nitric oxide product and also a creatine product. i would recommend Concret for Creatine or Kre alkalyn from EFX, and MRI’s NO2 Black for a Pre workout NO product. It has efficient mix of AAKG (alpha Keto Gluterate) among other ingredients that make this product a favorite of mine.