hi im in the military and every morning we do our regular pt u know run push ups sit ups or whatever. im planing on going to special forces selection program this year and i want to get in shape so ill impress my leaders. People been telling me to focus a lot on cardio. im really looking for a program to maybe to lifting 3 days and the other 2 idk do something like cross fit exercises or hiit workouts . im really confused because people keep telling me different things about what i should do. can you help me out?

well crossfit is good but there are things I dont agree with from a biomechanical standpoint.Like doing more than 5 reps on cleans etc…great for the group workout, but technique is always compromised for the sake of the times exercises. if you want a phenomenal program try this. It incorporates HIIT training which is better than any cardio plan you can do alone. The tri sets and super sets combine movements together so you dont rest in between sets. This is an example of HIIT.