Paralyzed in my right arm. How to build muscle.

I am 18 years old. I was in a car wreck at the age of 4 that caused my right arm to get about 80% paralyzed. I can move it, but there is not a lot of strength in it. I can not raise my right arm above my head like normal. With all the use of my left arm, it naturally gained muscle, and is now noticeably larger. I’m embarrassed to take off my shirt, and tired of feeling awkward at the pool. I’ve asked doctors if there is anything i can do to change this, and they tell me it is was pretty much impossible. I refuse to believe this. I can lift about a two pound weight, but I can not curl it because I can not full turn my right arm over. Do you have any advice that I could use, or any suggestion of things I could try? Thanks.

hmmmm. i recently had a question about something similar. I would recommend using the strength bands as there is no physical load to the weight, but resistance when used directly to the muscle. it might be something that you can start with to see how effective they can be. The bands have different tension which can easily be used in your case as you train. I admire your determination and willingness to NOT take NO for an answer, but still encourage you to listen to your doctors as they would know what is best. Here is where you can get the bands.