handicapped guy

Because of medicinally reasons(I’m Handicapped)(rare brian disorder) I can only lift a max of 20 lbs HELP! What can I do, when I can’t do a lot?I’m w/o at home since I can’t drive anymore.I’m in a wheel chair but I can walk holding on to a treadmill. W/O mostly from the floor .Doc cleared me to w/o.Had a trainer work with me but he left.Just want to get fit & trim I think with the lbs I lift that’s all I can do.Lifting heaver make me shake, then I go out of form, and hurt myself.Can You HELP Me.I’m motivated

hmmm. well its difficult to make a recommendation not knowing the analysis of your physical limitations. I would suggest maybe to use the bands as there is no physical load applied to the weight of what you are holding, but when stressed the bands provide tension tot he muscles. in many cases elastics are used in the physical rehab department and can be even more beneficial when using for traditional strength training movements. Try the band only workouts I have on the site and pick and choose the exercises in which you may be comfortable doing. Get the bands here. http://www.workouttrainer.com/equipment