Max ot

hi there, I was just wondering your thoughts on ASt sports…max ot work out. I am a female who has been woking out for years. i always like to switch it up and came across this workout. I like but am not sure 100% . It says that you have to follow it exactly but I have a busy schedule so it is hard to follow what they want. So I guess my other question is.. will it work on your own schedule just using the same idea. Also what are your thoughts on cardio after weights…do I really need to keep it on different days or at least 6 hours apart??

I am not familiar, but you should follow the workouts that are laid on on this website as I have put more time and expertise into any one training programs that any supplement company would spit out. As far as cardio, you should perform cardio for short bouts in between resistance training. this is also known as HIIt training. research shows this is best for dropping massive amounts of body fat all while increasing muscle definition. Try this program as it has helped thousands do just that.