handicapped guy

Thank You for your replies,
I'm 50 yr old have a rare brain disorder where I'm in a wheelchair but can walk on a treadmill because I can hold on.I do alot of w/o on the floor since I can't stand,I've work with a trainer to modify the exercise and make sure I'm doing them right .I can only use light weights since I shake,go out of form,& hurt myself.
Dr. Ok me to w/o.
How should I w/o?I want to get a fitness look I am 5'11" 200lbs Lost 50 lbs on weight watchers one of my problem is because I'm nnot active except when I w/o I need to consume less calories then what I been toldĀ 
Handicapped Guy

hmmmm. thats a tough one. Honestly i would try to do as much as i can with working the upper body and also look into others who are bound to the wheelchair and have overcome their obstacles. there are some great folks out there who have been able to tackle these types of obstacles.