Building Better Arms Workout Weights for Sets

Hey Mike,

I started your building better arms workout today and I have one question about the weights to use while doing the sets. Do you use the same weight for each set or should you increase the weights while still getting the same amount of reps in for each set? Every program I've had the trainer had me increase the weights while decreasing the reps per set- then again every program I've had before didn't give me half the workout your program just gave me so maybe my previous trainers missed something. 

Thank you very much,


Hey Pat. Great question. The idea is to increase the weight for each set. There is kind of a rule of thumb when managing weight to rep ratios. If you come within 2 reps of the intended scheme, you are in good shape. When you look at a set and rep scheme for instance 3x10 reps, the goal is of course to complete all 10, but when you increase the weight while mentally in your head knowing you have to get 10, you tend to push your body beyond its limits. So in this case if you do not get the last rep or two but max’d out on the weight, you are good to go.