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On Mon, Jul 8, 2013 at 5:07 AM, G. HOLTON <> wrote:

Hey guys, I watched your video re: the extra support I would get of I signed up for your upgrade membership. I do have a few questions. Im 57 yrs old. My lungs are not that great..The big issue is that I have only 1 kidney…Protein is a big issue..Any supplements would have to be kept in check. My goal is to get some good overall size..I was 249lbs of fat..Have so far gotten that down to 225 lbs in the past 7 weeks on a clean diet. I joined planet fitness but have not started as of yet. Your video said that the programs would be individually specific. Certain exercises I can no longer do..such as squats…They take too much out of me breathing wise. But I can do the sled and hack squats curls and extensions. Im looking at 4 day split with cardio thrown in there on those days or days off..Sorry, didn’t mean to get so winded here..It has just been agonizing trying to find somewhere I can go to get the workouts I need without, the correct form, the right exercises for each muscle group. Etc..I tried and do enjoy critical bench, but they are not specific to my needs. I have consulted my Dr’s re: working out and was given the go ahead with the protein warning in mind…Can I build the kind of body I want with this big restriction?…..I can’t do 1gm/lb of lean body weight….too much…Not looking for a ripped super lean body but rather an overall thicker more muscular one..If you guys can do this, Im in….thanks, Greg H.

Greg, Congrats on signing up and this is Mike McErlane answering. I do all the content and site management as this is not some corporate website having un-qualified people writing workouts and answering questions. First, you would have to be careful with anything you are doing fitness wise and even if I was one on one with you i would always have you get cleared first before you so anything. As far as the workouts go on my site, YES they are very specific to each individual goal. I have you so exercises like squats in many of the programs, BUT the great thing is, you can easily swap out exercises you may be limited by with something you can do. Ball Squats, leg press etc…I make a very conscious effort to go over and review every single exercise in detail in the workout 101 videos i have on the site. Be sure to browse through and search for exercises using the search bar in the video section. Type in the exercise you want to watch and it will come up. Once you are confident you want to get going, go to the workout section and click on the workouts. Watch the video their as I explain exactly how to use the workouts. I will say for your age and goal, your profile should be OVER 50, Male, Intermediate, with Fat loss. You can make these adjustments up at the top under Edit profile. Look, i make no guarantees unless you put in the work as I am not there with you, BUT i do a better job than anyone out there making the info available in a user friendly way and make myself available if you need anything. Let me know if you have anymore questions. One more thing. Once you click on the MONTH 1 under GYM workouts in the Workout section, take that workout and review with your doctor first. As far as supplements, Protein is good, but with one kidney you may have filtering issues if you take too much and you dont want to over exert that organ. You truly need to monitor what you are taking, but exercise and a good diet will definitely help you with whatever ailments you may have.