Hello! May I please ask does fitness actually slow your growth ( in hight )? Because I`ve been training for bout an year, i`m 1.80 and i`m 15 years old. I want to become at least 1.90 and i`m training 5 days a week, 50 kg Deadlift, 60 kg Benchpress, 130kg legpress and some other stuff ( including cardio, no squats ). Am I going to stop my growth? Should i reduce my training program to like 3 days or reduce the kg or something?

No. there is NO research that supports that. You are young and your body doesn’t stop growing until you fully mature at 25. Keep training and your body will catch up eventually. of course genetics has a key role in height. So if your parents are short, or other families you take what you get! :–)