Vertical Training

Hi Mike,
I love watching your video's.  I really keep your tips in mind when lifting. 
I was wondering if you have a program that can be designed for volleyball/basketball players to help increase their vertical leaps?  My 15 year old daughter has been playing club volleyball for about 6 years and is desperate to get up higher.  Any suggestions?

Thank you,

Awesome Nessa, I enjoy doing them, so please let me know if there are any techniques and or questions you would like me to answer in the future. Yes, The most important thing is for her to work on her overall power when training. Honestly training with the bands and executing plyos have been proven to help recruit fast twitch muscle fibers which are predominantly used for athletic sports. She needs to do certain exercises such as Jump squats, plyos before the actual workout and at least 3 times per week. Here is a program I would recommend for her.