Resistance Bands

I have been using Bodylastics for years, I've gone through every ball and band workout that you have developed and I'm wondering, Why only extremely high reps for almost every workout?

You do know that with bodylastics I am capable of doing every type of routine from high rep light resistances to the tried and true 5X5 it does take some ingenuity to set up but they all can be done.

I don’t think you have done them all. First each workout for the bands and the gym is designed based on your goals. There are over 500 band workouts based on proper laws of periodization that I wrote for 126 profiles. If you went through them all, you would have had to have been doing them for the last 10 years. Lol. Chances are you may need to change your goals under your profile. For instance my goal as of now is hardcore, advanced muscle gain for males. My personal plans under my profile have many programs in which the sets and reps are based lower depending on which goal I have. What you are missing is that sets and rep schemes are not intended to jump around just because one week you want them to. A true program and someone who knows how to write one understands and picks the specific rep ranges for an intended goal. Additionally there are specific exercises which emphasize certain muscle groups and a rep range can also be chosen specifically to stress an individual and primary muscle or muscle group. An example would be a band only exercises such as adductor side steps, and other single joint exercises that you can be weaker on and also do not want to overload the joint with high tension and low reps. There are various methods that go I to each program and the key is to make sure you are training for your goal, vs training because you think you need to train without knowing exactly what you need to expect out of the program. Try changing your goals on the trainer and you will see how the plans change. I hope I have helped. Take care, mike