switch goals


I have been following the monthly workouts for 9 months. My goal is to build muscle. I have put on some belly fat during this process. Should I switch my lifestyle goal to 'lose fat' to see my abs or should I just adjust my diet? 

If I switch goals to lose fat and go back to build muscle, does website remember that I was building muscle for 9 months previously?


Yes, the sweet thing about the system I designed is that you can change your profiles at will and it carries over without skipping a beat and puts you into the profile and month that does not allow you to fall back on any of your progress. If you have put on some belly fat, it is 100% a guarantee that your nutrition is the culpret. Are you using the Advanced Nutritional Meal planner? Hit me up on the WorkoutTrainer facebook and I can better assist or continue to ask me questions here.