workouts for men over age 60

Hello Mike - 

I have been training for several years and as I age I am finding that training is becoming more difficult, and my level of strength is decreasing.  I have purchased and used the bands, both individually and with free weights.

Have you, or could you, recommend or develop a program for those of us who are over 60 and still enjoy training.  My goals are primarily fat loss, but I train to add bone density, increase muscle mass, and improve balance…all of which are important as I age.

Thank you

Gary Lippmann

absolutely. As a matter of fact are you logged in to the website as a male over the age of 50? That is the whole point of the workout trainer. the Gym and or ball and band workouts I designed based on that lifestyle and profile if you are logged in. Go to the workout section and start following the gym workouts or ball and band. The plans are laid out in a monthly fashion.