Thanks for the response re the bands...I'll definitely give them a shot. The next question is...reps and sets for maximizing muscle growth at my age 74, not on steroids.

I've been seeing a number of high-rep arm programs lately...from Jim Stoppani and Charles Poliquin and others...even 100s in quick succession.  I actually did the one Poliquin has in his arm book seveal years back and got a big boost in size from it, but I don't have all-day stretches of time any more.  I'm taking care of a sick person in my home and get out about an hour a day for workouts.  But is there a way to adapt these ideas to my own situation?

So, within that hour a day, what is the best way to force size development to the max?  My diet is "normal"...I'm not a vegetarian. But I am looking for a program that can force adaptation and greater size.  What I'm doing now is obviously not pushing my muscles enough to adapt and grow.  I consider myself a "hard gainer".  I'd love to have your input on this problem.  Thanks.


Yea Jim and I are close friends and business partners on a few projects so I know all too well. Yes high volume programs are good, but the weight can be limited due to the high volume. Remember everything works but nothing works forever. If you have been doing a program such as this, time to change it up. Every program I have on the site takes about an hour as long as you use the 30 sec rest protocol. Try my building better arms workout for a unique technique that is sure to kick your butt.