My workout partner and I use your website and app daily and primarily do your workouts. The only issue I have is refinding the workouts that we like again later on. The calendar doesn't seem to always work that great. We wish there was a way as a subscribed (paying) member to file/store our favorite workouts. Plus sometimes the time frame for split day workouts don't work for my schedule as per it is set up on the website, so it would be nice to be able to alter that on a more personalized level. 

Like I said. We love your workouts and videos and use them daily. I pay the monthly fee just so I can always reassure myself that I am following spot on in terms of form. For many of the exercises I know the form, but feel like a double check never hurts and reassures myself that I get the most out of the exercise without injury. It also helps when we are questioning each others form. Thank you for creating such an amazing website. The workouts and videos are fabulous, and we are always sharing it with others.

Kristine Adrowski

Thanks so much for your support. I am planning a total revamp of the site and will add features and fix little things along the way! I certainly am happy to hear that you are finding everything helpful. Just wait in have weeks ahead.