Routine help


I have been working out for several years and have stalled in my progress, plus getting older (I turn 55 this year) I want to convert the size I have to be fit and maintain.  I am looking for a three-day routine to hit all body parts.  In addition to gym workouts I swim two times a week.  Please provide thoughts on a routine.  My old school thoughts have chest and triceps together, back and biceps, legs and shoulders. Abs are hit regularly.

Thanks, Tim 

I usually wouldn’t write a workout for less than 4 days as research suggests that should be the minimum especially to hit each muscle group twice per week which has shown to be best for muscle growth and strength fans. However, Try any of the plans in the workout section. Even the monthly workouts designed for your profile are fine to split up for what your schedule allows. So in other words follow the monthly plan that may be 4 or 5 days per week and simply follow it and if it takes you a week and a half to complete a 5 day plan that’s ok. Having the structure is what is important even though the best option would be to try and squeeze in a few more days to follow it precisely.