Latest Video Behind the Back Bicep Curl with Band

In your latest Workout 101 video you had your shoulders / arms behind your back, but you weren’t doing a full extension of your arm.  You were starting at about 30% bent as you did your reps.  Was this intentional? Is it because, like you mentioned, you’re not really targeting your bicep until about 30%?


Yes and no. If I was using a cable with free weight then I would go to full extension because speed is not a factor. Because you are going for fast resp, range of motion can be somewhat shortened and yes, with regards to this exercise because the biceps doesn’t become the prime mover until about that angle, and because I was to stress the contraction rate and constant tension on the biceps head, in the case of using the band, full lockout is not necessary. Using a cable because you are limited with the speed of the movement, you would fully extend your arm. Watch here